Creating our new look website!

Creating our new look website!

Creating our new look website!
by Samuel Baker

Our new website is built around experiencing Aquajardin, heres how we came up with the concept.

When we set out to create our new website, we wanted you to get a feel for our award winning retail spaces and our main focus was to immerse our viewers into our stores. Lots of people have heard about the Aquajardin experience and many make the journey to see for themselves, however we felt our online presence was not giving the feeling you get when you step into one of our stores.

With experienced aquascapers and designers in our team, as well as passionate, specialist staff with expert knowledge, we knew we had lots to shout about and needed to capture this to present on our site. In the Summer of 2016 we spent a full day with a team of photographers and videographers, capturing the essence of our brand.

The Summer was perfect as our water feature and pond departments were full of cold water fish, marginal plants and lilies and our display ponds were looking their best. The weather was great and we had perfect light, something which is not easy to plan for when shooting on location!

All our staff made a great effort to ensure our stores were looking great and our displays were inspirational. What was really interesting was allowing the photographers to capture the elements that they found of interest, as this gave us a customers perspective. Whilst we are really proud of our retail experience and shop fit, it was the animals and fish which were the main attraction. The hi-res photography picked up all the amazing detail in our awesome animals and when we saw the footage back, made us remember why we love our job so much: that passion for the livestock.

When we had the edits back, our team were full of pride as it gave us the opportunity to see past our daily routine, all what we do to create the atmosphere and level of presentation and animal management. What we got to experience ourselves is the feeling our customers have when they visit us, and this has inspired us to continue to develop and grow our offering.

We focused on our South Coast stores: Southampton and Fareham and are now excited about capturing our South West stores: Glouceter and Newent in the Spring. Keep on visiting to see our updated video and media content to get a real feel for what we have to offer!


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