New biOrb TUBE aquarium

New biOrb TUBE aquarium

New biOrb TUBE aquarium
by Samuel Baker

Oase introduce the latest biOrb to the range; the all new biOrb TUBE!

The biOrb TUBE is the newest aquarium from biOrb. The 360 degree, elegant design allows for perfect viewing all around the aquarium. The 35 litre model low and wide allowing lots of space for aquascaping and decorating.

Each biOrb TUBE 30 and 35 litre is complete with MCR colour changing LED light, where you can select your lighting colours with the handy remote control. All aquariums are complete with air pump, filtration, lighting and water conditoner. All you need to add is decoration and water!

The TUBE range is available in black and white. The strong, gloss acrylic creates a contemporary, stylish design. If you would like to keep tropical fish, then a heater is required. There are two types of biOrb heaters available; a standard heater pack and an intelligent heater which is super efficient and easy to hide.

Create your own underwater landscape with a Samuel Baker sculpture, design for use in the biOrb TUBE. Designs include silver birch, fungus on wood, mineral stones and natural corals and shells. Build up the composition with plants, pebbles and decorative elements to a design to suit you.

Available at all Aquajardin stores, the 35 litre model is only £179.00

biOrb TUBE

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