Getting started

We know the thought of a complex aquarium system or a specialist reptile set up may seem daunting but we are here to make it simple!

Our expert staff are on hand to give you all the help and advice you need to make the most of your aquatic or reptile adventure. We want you to enjoy your new hobby, so our in store displays are there to generate ideas and to inspire you to develop your animal keeping experience.

With fishkeeping, maintaining good water quality is essential. Testing and monitoring waste levels in the water is key for success. It is always best to start with hardy fish species which will tolerate fluctuations in water conditions. Once you develop an understanding of the water parameters and how to monitor them, it is time to start introducing more sensitive species. 

Regular maintainence is important to keep everything healthy and to maintain water quality. By syphoning the substrate to perform a regular water change you remove waste, harmful toxins and solids. Biological filter media needs maintaining and chemical medias such as carbon and zeolite requires replacing every 4-6 weeks to prevent leaching of contaminents into the water.

Marine aquariums require additional care, there are more water parameters to monitor and maintain. Our specialist staff have all the knowledge to take you through, step by step, helping you to understand how to look after these sensitive animals.

With reptiles and amphibians we will ensure that you are prepared and committed to the animal requirements before you start. We have easy to follow care information available in store and online, as well as live displays where you can learn about, handle and grasp a full understanding before you go ahead and make a decision on an animal to own.

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